Note: The following is from Fair Play #20, and is an excerpt from that issue's coverage of the 1997 JFK Lancer November in Dallas conference. It greatly reduces John Armstrong's work into, it is hoped, a more digestible form; it is reprinted here for those readers not previously familiar with Mr. Armstrong's work.

Harvey and Lee: A Capsule Verson

by John Kelin

On the face of it, the assertions of John Armstrong are so fantastic they can scarcely be believed. Two people raised separately but with the same identity, both drawn into an assassination plot. It is beyond James Bond; it is, using the popular phrase, through the looking glass.

As more than one attendee to the November in Dallas conference remarked, Armstrong's work has not been subjected to peer review, and so must be regarded cautiously. And yet...

And yet there is the evidence that mounts steadily --- photographs, the recollections of dozens of witnesses, a long paper trail. Clearly, something doesn't add up. I Led Three Lives...

Armstrong was introduced to the audience at the Lancer conference by author Jim Marrs, who related how Armstrong had been in a class of his at the University of Texas, Arlington, in the late 1980s. "So John comes to me and starts talking about these 'two Oswalds', whom he has now labled 'Lee' and 'Harvey' to [distinguish between] the two. And I was going, 'Yeah John, that's great, sure, all right,' because it really sounded so far out. But then, a coup d' é tat in the United States sounded pretty far out in 1970.

"John kept working, kept dogging the trail, and came up with so much information, that pretty soon I was going, 'You know, I believe the boy's on to something...' And then he kept coming up with more, and more, and more ... and so, I just want to say that I think you should pay close attention here. Because I think the scenario that John Armstrong can present to you here, while maybe not one hundred percent on the target, is close enough that it may fill in some of the gaps and the inconsistencies that we've all been plagued with over the years."

A 1996 Presentation at COPA's National Conference

Armstrong proceeded to deliver a spellbinding two and a half hour talk, complete with photographs, video inserts, and official documents on overhead projector. To reduce it to a series of highlights here would be an injustice, and yet the full text is far beyond the scope of this narrative. Harvey and Lee has been published by JFK Lancer and is available via mail order. It was also published, in two parts, in PROBE, the newsletter of the Citizens for Truth in the Kennedy Assassination (PROBE, Vol. 4, No. 6, and Vol. 5, No. 1). After his presentation I asked Armstrong if there is a significant difference in the two texts. He said no, there is not. The Lancer version is a little tighter, a little less redundant, he said. When I said I already had the PROBE copies, he suggested I save myself eight bucks. The differences are too slight.

Armstrong began by recounting the story of one Gordon Lonsdale, who to all appearances was a Canadian living in England --- but who was exposed as a Russian spy in the early 1960s. Lonsdale, whose true name was Konan Molodi, "had fake birth certificates, fake passports, and dual identities ... [he] was created by the Russian intelligence services. He was first 'handled' at age 9..."

Obviously, Armstrong began with this documented case to demonstrate there is a precedent for what we were about to hear: that the man known to history as Lee Harvey Oswald was, in fact, the same sort of creature of the Intelligence world as Gordon Lonsdale was. One critical difference is that "Lee Harvey Oswald" --- who I began referring to as "L/HO" in my notes --- may have been the product of American intelligence agencies.

If the KGB recruited young boys, Armstrong wondered, can there be any doubt that U.S. intelligence agencies ran similar operations? "In the early 1950s," he said, "an intelligence operation was underway that involved two teenage boys --- Lee Oswald from Fort Worth, and a Russian-speaking boy named Harvey Oswald from New York.

"Beginning in 1952, the boys lived parallel but separate lives --- often in the same city. The ultimate goal was to switch their identities and send Harvey Oswald into Russia, which is exactly what happened seven years later."

Evidence supporting this "parallel lives" theory included discrepencies in a wide range of records. Just a few examples:

Additionally, from the FBI statements of a former co-worker, it is known that "Oswald" was supposedly employed at the Pfisterer Dental Lab in New Orleans from fall 1957 to summer 1958. "From Oswald's Marine records, [the Warren Commission] knew Oswald was supposed to have been in Japan at the same time. Oswald in New Orleans and Japan at the same time for nearly a year posed a serious problem. It was unexplainable..."

And on and on it went. A few such discrepencies might be explained away as bureaucratic blundering, the sort of inconsistency likely to crop up if any seemingly ordinary life is intensely scrutinized. But the examples Armstrong presented were more than just a few; they just kept piling up.

It was Harvey Oswald, John Armstrong said, who left for Russia in September 1959. Lee Oswald was in New Orleans and Florida around the same time, and soon began associating with Cuban exiles --- and their CIA handlers.

"Through early 1963, the activities of Harvey and Lee had no apparent relationship to the assassination," Armstrong told the Lancer audience. "But in the summer of 1963, things changed. Antonio Veciana observed his longtime associate, 'Bishop,' with Lee Oswald at the Southland Building in Dallas. 'Bishop,' also known as David Atlee Phillips, was head of Cuban propaganda for the CIA. Why would the head of CIA Cuba propaganda operations meet with Lee Oswald? Because the plot as we know it could not have succeeded without Lee Oswald.

"During the next two months, Lee Oswald was used to impersonate Harvey, in a series of events that were designed to set up Harvey as the assassin, and implicate Cuba as his sponsor. It is not unreasonable to speculate that David Phillips masterminded this plan."

As his long presentation drew to a close, John Armstrong said: "The full extent of this coverup remains hidden within classified documents at the National Archives ... most of the coverup has to do with protecting the identity of Oswald. He was not created by the Mafia, or Cubans, or Russians, or Dallas Police. He was the creation of the CIA, years before the assassination...

"Exposing and understanding the two Oswalds will not solve the Kennedy assassination. But it does give us insight to the capabilities of our intelligence operations. It allows us to understand why our government agencies conceal their knowledge of involvement with Oswald. It helps us understand why witness testimony was ignored, altered, and in some cases omitted. It helps us understand why evidence was altered, fabricated and destroyed. We finally know why Harvey Oswald was not allowed to stand trial and had to be eliminated.

"After thirty-four years, many pieces to this puzzle are still missing --- but if you understand who Harvey and Lee Oswald really were, who created them and who directed them, then you will know who was responsible for the assassination of John Kennedy."

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