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The Coalition on Political Assassinations


"Full Disclosure: MLK, RFK, JFK"

4th Annual National Conference

June 13-15, 1997
Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Speakers include: Dr. William Pepper, Esq. (attorney for James Earl Ray), Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, Philip Melanson, Ph.D., Wayne Smith, Ph.D., Peter Dale Scott, and many others.

Call for Papers: Send 500 word abstracts on current research findings for review and possible presentation to Program Chair Wayne Smith, Ph.D., c/o COPA, P.O. Box 772, Washington, DC 20044. Deadline is May 15, details on request.

Topics: Analysis of JFK autopsy doctors interviews by Assassination Review Board Reopening the M.L. King assassination, new trial for James Earl Ray Latest developments in Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Assassination Records Review Board - can it finish its job? JFK assassination records - what's still missing? Annual visit and report from Review Board to researchers Release of records: JFK Act model for other issues (MLK, CIA/Crack, Guatemala)

For registration information, contact COPA at 202-785-5299 or call 202-310-1858 - Conference Hotline. Also visit our new website at or email us at


4th Annual National Conference

This year's conference may be one of the most important we've yet held. There are new developments in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination case that need to be analyzed and discussed. The Coalition is joining the King family in urging that the case be re-heard, and demanding that the government files be released. We hope the conference participants will join us in this call. In the JFK case, the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) is expected to release its depositions of the autopsy doctors, potentially the most crucial evidence yet to come out, in time for our conference. We'll certainly want to analyze and react to that if it's out, and to urge its near-term release if it is not.

In addition, unless an all-out effort can be mounted to extend the life of the ARRB for another yet, it may cease to exist this October. We can't let that happen. At the conference, we plan to mount a major lobbying effort to insure its extension. We will also be evaluating the work that remains to be done in terms of full disclosure of files in the JFK case. There are also new developments in areas we have covered before, including the Robert F. Kennedy case, other political assassinations, the CIA-linked assassinations abroad, the CIA/crack cocaine and Mexican drug scandals, and new legislation that will use the JFK Act as a model for release of other records.

We renew our call for papers dealing with the assassinations of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and any others that may move current research forward. Past topics have ranged from forensics, ballistics, previous investigations, investigative leads and evolving theories based on newly released or re-evaluated materials. Papers on all those topics will be welcome at the 1997 conference also.

Researchers, academics, medical and forensic experts, and concerned citizens are invited to submit abstracts of the papers they propose to present. The abstract should give a clear idea of what the presentation of fifteen to twenty minutes will be about and how it will proceed. They should contain the salient points of the presentation, indicate whether audio-visual aids will be used (and equipment required), and be detailed enough so that the review committee can arrive at a reasonable and informed judgment as to whether the presentation is suitable. It would also be helpful if the abstract posed the questions that the presentation will answer, or at least address. It is also crucial to emphasize which facts, data or raw material is new. The committee will give priority to new material.

Abstracts should be no more than 500 words, and may be considerably less. If an abstract takes serious issue with past research, the alleged errors must be pointed up and the sources or data which call the research into question must be cited. Disagreements must be couched in civil terms.

The Coalition Conference and Program chairs, in consultation with the Executive Committee, will make final decisions on acceptance of abstracts for presentation, with the assistance of peer review by researchers of their choice. In some cases, abstracts may be returned for revisions to meet stated standards or for clarification. Once accepted, abstracts will be gathered and printed for Conference registrants and for later distribution and sale by the Coalition.

Please submit abstracts in hard copy and/or on Microsoft Word on Mac or Word Perfect on IBM 3.5 inch disks, or save as ASCII on other software. Send to Program Chair Wayne S. Smith, c/o COPA, PO Box 772, Washington, DC 20044.

Hard copies may also be sent by mail. Please also submit full papers, if such exist, for reproduction in a volume of work for sale by the Coalition, with your permission. Abstracts must be submitted no later than May 15, 1997.

Conference Update:
Call 202-310-1858 today for our Hotline update information, registration packet
Early Bird Registration good to May 15 only to members ($200)
Special room rates through COPA ($50/night, single or double) good to May 30
Optional Awards Dinner ($35 per person)
Non-members add $35 to above

Registration from May 16-May 30 $225 for members, non-members add $35
Late Registration after May 30, $250, room rates may increase
Student discount registration good to May 30 ($75 + $25 to non members)
Day and session rates available on site

Additional options available from Georgetown University
10 meal cafeteria ticket $77, or individual meals at comparable prices
Marriott Hotel on campus (arrange through COPA) for block discount
Fast food and commercial restaurants on campus and nearby
Gym and swimming pool $10

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