"The 10th Batch"

by Joseph Backes

Released January 15, 1996

Well, it is June 1, 1996 as I write this. Okay, so I'm a bit late. I copied these in April at the National Archives II.

These documents were listed in the Federal Register on Monday December 4, 1995. p. 62066-62068.

The FBI documents.

1.) Document # 124-10003-10063

2.) Document # 124-10018-10356

3.) Document # 124-10018-10365

4.) Document # 124-10018-10491

5.) Document # 124-10018-10498

6.) Document # 124-10026-10413

7.) Document #124-10027-10028

8.) Document # 124-10027-10033

9.) Document # 124-10027-10161

10.) Document # 124-10027-10232

11.) Document # 124-10027-10233

12.) Document # 124-10035-10116

13.) Document 3 124-10037-10125

14.) Document # 124-10053-10346

15.) Document # 124-10058-10009

16.) Document #124-10058-10084

17.) Document # 124-10058-10085

18.) Document #124-10058-10086

19.) Document # 124-10058-10311

20.) Document # 124-10058-10403

21.) Document # 124-10073-10368

22.) Document # 124-10073-10383

23.) Document # 124-10079-10223

24.) Document # 124-10087-10334

25.) Document # 124-10143-10002

26.) Document # 124-10144-10082

27.) Document # 124-10159-10038

28.) Document # 124-10160-10008

29.) Document # 124-10160-10412

30.) Document # 124-10170-10009

31.) Document # 124-10170-10034

32.) Document # 124-10173-10008

33.) Document # 124-10178-10003

34.) Document # 124-10193-10067

35.) Document # 124-10228-10385

36.) Document # 124-10228-10416

37.) Document # 124-10239-10385

38.) Document # 124-10241-10124

39.) Document # 124-10243-10077

40.) Document # 124-10243-10078

41.) Document # 124-10243-10386

42.) Document # 124-10254-10419

43.) Document # 124-10256-10179

44.) Document # 124-10260-10408

45.) Document # 124-10267-10400

46.) Document # 124-10269-10256

47.) Document # 124-10270-10014

48.) Document # 124-10270-10190

49.) Document #124-10272-10033

50.) Document # 124-10275-10359

51.) Document # 124-10275-10486

52.) Document # 124-10276-10104

The CIA Documents.

1.) Document # 104-10015-10049

2.) Document # 104-10015-10258

3.) Document # 104-10015-10263

4.) Document # 104-10015-10316

5.) Document # 104-10015-10350

6.) Document # 104-10015-10353

7.) Document # 104-10015-10356

8.) Document # 104-10015-10384

9.) Document # 104-10015-10392

10.) Document # 104-10015-10398

11.) Document # 104-10015-10412

12.) Document # 104-10015-10415

13.) Document # 104-10015-10416

14.) Document # 104-10015-10417

15.) Document # 104-10015-10428

16.) Document # 104-10016-10036

17.) Document # 104-10016-10040

18.) Document # 104-10016-10045

19.) Document # 104-10017-10003

20.) Document # 104-10017-10012

21.) Document # 104-10017-10038

22.) Document # 104-10017-10053

23.) Document # 104-10017-10065

24.) Document # 104-10018-10002

25.) Document # 104-10018-10028

26.) Document # 104-10018-10029

27.) Document # 104-10018-10031

28.) Document # 104-10018-10032

29.) Document # 104-10018-10046

30.) Document # 104-10018-10049

31.) Document # 104-10018-10056

32.) Document # 104-10018-10074

33.) Document # 104-10018-10084

The HSCA Documents.

1.) Document # 180-10071-10165

2.) Document # 180-10074-10079

3.) Document # 180-10074-10394

4.) Document # 180-10074-10396

5.) Document # 180-10074-10397

6.) Document # 180-10078-10384

7.) Document # 180-10078-10493

8.) Document # 180-10080-10131

9.) Document # 180-10080-10231

10.) Document # 180-10080-10497

11.) Document # 180-10082-10452

12.) Document # 180-10082-10453

13.) Document # 180-10082-10454

14.) Document # 180-10083-10419

15.) Document # 180-10087-10136

16.) Document # 180-10087-10137

17.) Document # 180-10087-10138

18.) Document # 180-10087-10191

19.) Document # 180-10089-10262

20.) Document # 180-10090-10027

21.) Document # 180-10093-10022

22.) Document # 180-10093-10118

23.) Document # 180-10097-10345

24.) Document # 180-10099-10491

25.) Document # 180-10104-10331

26.) Document # 180-10104-10481

27.) Document # 180-10105-10305

28.) Document # 180-10109-10358

29.) Document # 180-10112-10218

30.) Document # 180-10117-10149

31.) Document # 180-10118-10032

32.) Document # 180-10118-10033

33.) Document # 180-10118-10038

34.) Document # 180-10118-10041

35.) Document # 180-10125-10075

36.) Document # 180-10125-10076

37.) Document # 180-10125-10077

38.) Document # 180-10125-10078

39.) Document # 180-10125-10079

40.) Document # 180-10125-10080

41.) Document # 180-10125-10081

42.) Document # 180-10125-10082

43.) Document # 180-10125-10083

44.) Document # 180-10125-10084

45.) Document # 180-10125-10085

46.) Document # 180-10125-10086

47.) Document # 180-10125-10087

48.) Document # 180-10125-10088

49.) Document # 180-10125-10089

50.) Document # 180-10125-10090

51.) Document # 180-10125-10091

52.) Document # 180-10125-10092

53.) Document # 180-10125-10093

54.) Document # 180-10125-10094

55.) Document # 180-10125-10095

56.) Document # 180-10125-10096

57.) Document # 180-10125-10097

58.) Document # 180-10125-10098

59.) Document # 180-10125-10100

60.) Document # 180-10125-10101

61.) Document # 180-10125-10102

62.) Document # 180-10125-10103

63.) Document # 180-10125-10104

64.) Document # 180-10125-10105

65.) Document # 180-10125-10106

66.) Document # 180-10125-10107

The FBI documents review.

Document # 124-10003-10063 is a three page document. It is dated 03/03/64. It is from the SAC, Cleveland to Director, FBI. Page three is missing. It refers you to 105-82555-2428. "Enclosed for the Bureau are ten copies of a letterhead memorandum suitable for dissemination summarizing the appearance of subject's mother MARGUERITE OSWALD, February 24, 1964, on the KYW Radio, Cleveland, Ohio, program known as HARV MORGAN's "Contact". The tape recording of this program was given to the Cleveland FBI by Mr. PERRY BASCOMB, the general manager of Radio Station KYW and consists of two sets of two-7" reels (total of four-7" reels of tape)

In addition, the Bureau is being furnished two-7" reels of tape recording made prior to the actual program, in which arrangements for the program are being discussed with Mrs. OSWALD.

The Boston office also received copies of the LHM (letterhead memorandum).

"These two sets are being furnished the Bureau, one for their files and one for the President's Commission".

Does the Cleveland office think that the Bureau is going to pass on to the Commission a copy of the tapes or did the Cleveland office give a copy directly to the Commission? In either case did these tapes get to the Commission? Where are these tapes? Has anyone ever heard these tapes or has anyone heard this program? Maybe someone in the research community was old enough to have cared and possibly made a recording of this program. Maybe that someone has a copy of this program and would be willing to share it?

Apparently a NELSON KARL called in on the program. The 1963 Cleveland Telephone directory reflects a NELSON G. KARL, Attorney, Engineers Building, (Cleveland). The Cleveland FBI files reflect that PSI CHARLES FRIEDLEY on May 5, 1954 made available a postal card postmarked April 21, 1954 which announces that on April 24, 1954 a Mr. Nelson Karl, representing the Cleveland Civil Liberties Union, was a speaker at a public meeting held at 6411 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland. The discussion was about Senator McCarthy, "The McCarthy Row" and "McCarthy - Saint or Sinner".

The Cleveland FBI is unsure if Nelson G. Karl is Nelson Karl , "However, for the purposes of the letterhead memorandum, he is self described in such a manner as to provide a sufficient characterization of himself." I liked that.

The Boston office will make arrangements with Radio Station WBZ, Boston, Massachusetts, to obtain the tape recording of BOB KENNEDY's [no, this isn't RFK]

program "Contact", on which MARGUERITE OSWALD was to have appeared Wednesday, February 26, 1964, or possibly March 2, 1964. "It is noted that Mrs. OSWALD claims to have knowledge of something wonderful that happened to subject which has never been made public. Arrangements should be made to obtain two recordings of the program, one for the Bureau,..." the sentence is continued on page three which is missing.

Document # 124-10018-10356 is a two page document dated 11/27/63. It is from the SAC in Los Angeles to Director, FBI. Page two is missing. This is a report from an informant, who is still protected, that LILLIAN FISHER, Redondo Beach, California, had made a remark that Earl Warren would be assassinated at the funeral of President Kennedy. This remark was characterized as "without foundation". The informant determined that the statement was based on pure conjecture rather than fact due to Fisher being emotionally upset over the....", one supposes President Kennedy's death but one cannot be certain as the text ends here and is continued on page two which is missing.

Document # 124-10018-10365 is a one page document from SAC, LA to Director, FBI. It is dated 11/24/63. "[Redacted] orally advised that District Board, SCDCP, held emergency meeting afternoon of November 23, instant, to assess implications of assassination and establish temporary party line for members of SCDCP. Entire District Board agreed that no effort at this time should be made to defend alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, or "Scream Frame-Up." District Board also concluded that CP should expect increased McCarren Act and ultra-right activities but that no immediate danger existed for pickup by federal authorities of CP members."

Document # 124-10018-10491 is a two page document dated 11/25/63. It is from SAC, Miami to Director, FBI. "PCI [Redacted], desk clerk, Imperial hotel, Miami, hotel catering to Negroes, stated guest at hotel, one JIMMY COMER, shoe shine boy on Miami Beach, told PCI on November 22 shortly after President Kennedy assassinated, beach gangster known to him as JIMMY BLUE EYES, entered shoe shine parlor and remarked "they should have gotten whole family including Robert Kennedy." Comer was interviewed in an attempt to identify person who made the remark. Comer refused to identify the person.

Keep in mind that Comer did not make the remark, nor did the PCI. The PCI heard this from Comer who heard it from "a gangster".

Document # 124-10018-10498 is a one page document dated 11/27/63 from SAC, Richmond to Director, FBI. This document requests that the locations of American Nazi Party members ROY JAMES and EVE JUNE HOFF on November 22, 1963 be verified. Major ALAN J. WELCH, ANP hdqs, in Arlington, VA. stated that James was at the ANP Barracks, 6150 Wilson Boulevard, and Hoff was at ANP hdqs. on Nov. 22, 1963.

This went to Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia and Richmond.

Document # 124-10026-10413 is a one page document dated 9/14/64. It is from the SAC, Philadelphia to Director, FBI. The subject is a racial disturbance in Philadelphia, Pa. August 28-31, 1964. Re: Philadelphia airtel, 9/7/64; Bureau teletype, 9/11/64; and Philadelphia teletype, 9/12/64.

Well, it certainly seems to be an assassination document (that's sarcasm folks).

It says enclosed are eight copies of a letterhead memorandum. Of course, they are not enclosed.

Dissemination of the enclosed LHM is being made to ONI, OSI, INTC, and Secret Service.

Well what the hell is the information? The LHM is not here.

Document # 124-10027-10028 is a two page document dated 11/30/63. It is from SAC, Chicago to Director, and SAC, Dallas. On Nov. 28, Col. Jack Reilly, Director of Special Events, Office of Mayor, City of Chicago advised SA Hubert M Hart that he had received information from Tony Perez. Perez recounted that JOHN ROSSEN had been meeting with FPCC in Rossen's theater immediately prior to the assassination of President Kennedy and that these meetings had lasted until 3 or 4 in the morning. Reilly desired that the FBI interview Perez.

Perez was interviewed by SA's Herbert K. Stallings and Robert R. Glendon on Nov. 29, 1963. Perez said he did not have first hand knowledge of alleged FPCC meetings with Rossen. Perez had learned that these meetings were taken place at the Senate Theater, Madison and Kedzie, Chicago. Perez had debated Rossen at Northwestern University about two years ago. Perez represented the Chicago Council for a Democratic Cuba which has opposed the FPCC line as apologists for Castro.

Perez was unable to provide sources of info on Rossen's activities with exception that he gave name of a person identical with CG [Redacted] Dash C as person who would best know activities of Rossen. CG [Redacted] Dash S has been interviewed previously re activities of Rossen and assassination of President with negative results this regard.

Document # 124-10027-10033 is a three page document dated 11/30/63. It is from SAC, Chicago to Director, FBI. This was shared with Dallas, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and San Antonio. Page two and three are missing. On Nov. 29, 1963 CG [Redacted] Dash C, characterized as a private investigator and reliable, advised SA Robert J. Thompkins, jr. that during December of 1963 he was engaged in investigating Ben Jaffe, who is presently the subject of AR case under the CIP program in Chicago, however, Jaffe resides in Las Vegas and is the owner of the Tropicana Hotel. "He advised that he conversed with Rev. Bill Beeny of St. Louis, Missouri, concerning Jaffe while in Del Rio, Texas in December of 1963..." The rest is on the missing pages.

Document # 124-10027-10161 is a two page document dated 1/15/64. It is from SAC, Newark to Director, FBI. There was a 30 day mail cover placed on Walter Lowenfels, Weymouth Road (Box 204B RD #2 Mays Landing) Weymouth, New Jersey. Mr. Lowenfels had apparently received correspondence from Dallas, Texas. An informant whose identity is still protected advised that Lowenfels was judging a contest and the letter from Dallas arrived after the closing date for the contest. Another informant observed Lowenfels at the latter's home on 12/1/63 reading and judging poetry which had been mailed from points all over the U.S.

Apparently someone from Parkland Hospital had mailed his/her entry in on Parkland Hospital stationary and/or envelopes.

Lowenfels was a member of the Southwest club, 2nd Congressional District, Communist Party Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

The only other mail received by Lowenfels from Texas came from John W. Stanford, 118 West Rosewood, San Antonio, Texas on December 2, 28 and January 4. 1964. San Antonio was requested to check on Stanford.

Doesn't this imply if not state that all mail coming from Parkland and going to Parkland was being intercepted, monitored and possibly opened?

Document # 124-10027-10232 is a two page document dated 02/05/65. The second page is missing. It is memorandum from A. Rosen to Mr. Belmont. This concerns allegations made by Dick Gregory. Sherman Harris, Investigator for the Anti-Defamation League, Atlanta, furnished information relating to the assassination on Feb. 1, 1965 which he received from an unidentified ADL employee in Miami, Florida. This employee obtained the information on January 18, 1965 during a conversation with Dick Gregory, "the rabble-rousing Negro comedian".

"In the letter to Harris, it was reported Gregory stated that the assassination of President Kennedy was master minded by J. Edgar Hoover and H. L. Hunt. Gregory allegedly tried to substantiate these charges by displaying photostatic copies of affidavits and fallacious and misleading press releases and public statements. The ADL employee noted Gregory did not display any concrete facts to support his charges according to employee.

"Gregory claimed the Warren Commission had two reports on the assassination and knew of the Director's and Hunt's participation; however, they did not release the true facts as "chaos" would result. Gregory alleged the Director was one of the plotters due to a falling out with the Kennedys and the former Attorney General had been appointed to "watch over him" and slowly "ease him out" of the FBI. Gregory claimed to have positive proof H.L.Hunt financed the Black Muslims but such proof was "confidential." Gregory also alleges the FBI has him under constant surveillance and will someday in the near future put an end to his life. Further, that prior to the assassination President Johnson was aware of the plot but was powerless to stop it because to do so would admit the FBI and the "Intelligence hierarchy" controlled the country."

Document # 124-10027-10233 is a one page document dated 02/02/65. It is from SAC, Atlanta to Director. "Enclosed herewith is a 5-page document received on 2/1/65 from SHERMAN HARRIS, Investigator, Anti-Defamation league, 41 Exchange Place, Atlanta, Georgia. HARRIS stated that the enclosed document reflects results of an interview by an ADL employee in Miami, Florida with Negro comedian DICK GREGORY. HARRIS did not reveal the name of the ADL employee in Miami who interviewed GREGORY. He stated that the charges made by GREGORY as reflected in the enclosed document are so ridiculous that he is embarrassed that an ADL employee would forward the material to the Atlanta Regional Office. He stated he was furnishing this material to the Bureau so that the Bureau will be aware of the activities of GREGORY in this regard. He requested that no one outside the Bureau be advised that he had furnished the Bureau this material."

Of course, nothing is enclosed.

Document # 124-10027-10011 is a one page document dated 11/25/63. It is from SAC Newark to Director, FBI. The subject is the Nation of Islam. Enclosed to the Bureau are nine LHMs in captioned matter, also two to Chicago, one to New York and two to Phoenix. Sources utilized are NK [Redacted] and NK [Redacted].

NK means Newark, New Jersey. These sources contacted SA Guy Randolph Beck.

Naturally, the enclosures are not here. However, this has something to do with Elijah Muhammad. There are numbers in parenthesis next to his name which appear twice, which are also in parenthesis. The first number is (1-100-6989), I'm guessing that it's an 8, and again (1-105-5593). I don't know what these numbers mean.

Document # 124-10035-10116 is a 100 page document dated 12/02/63. 97 pages are missing. It is from Leo F. Pedrotty to Director, FBI. Page one tells that copies of this document were destroyed 12/16/76. This is handwritten and typed.

Maybe this might explain why 97 pages are missing, I doubt it as the RIF was more recently created. This document is about an interview with Col. Jack Reilly on November 28, 1963 and an interview with Tony Perez on November 29, 1963.

These documents are called FD 302.

[Redacted] advised SA Robert J. Tompkins, jr. that during December of 1960 he was investigating the activities of BEN JAFFE. Jaffe is presently the subject of an Anti-Racketeering case under the Criminal Intelligence Program in Chicago. Jaffe resides in Las Vegas and owns the Tropicana Hotel. During this investigation [Redacted] had a conversation with Rev. BILL BEENY of St. Louis, Missouri concerning BEN JAFFE while in Del Rio, Texas in December, 1960. He advised that he read in the Chicago "Tribune" newspaper dated November 27, 1963 that the same Rev. BEENY of St. Louis, Missouri, reportedly a candidate for governor of Missouri, had offered a home and job to Mrs. Lee Oswald.

When this was supposed to be I don't know. One for John Armstrong.

Document # 124-10037-10125 is a 96 page document. It refers you to 105-82555-761. It is dated 12/02/63. It is basically another copy of document # 124-10035-10116. It is missing 93 pages.

Document # 124-10053-10346 is a one page document from SAC, NY to director, FBI. It is dated 12/12/63. This came from SOLO.

"RE NY airtel, 12/6/63 concerning a letter from GUS HALL, General Secretary CPUSA, to Soviets evaluating President Lyndon Johnson."

"On 12/12/63, NY [redacted]-S also furnished a copy of this letter which informant said was prepared by GUS HALL on 12/5/63, for transmittal to Soviet Union. for info."

"SOLO" and "Re NY airtel 12/6/63" were previously redacted. The informant symbol number is still redacted.

Document # 124-10058-10084 is a two page document dated 02/23/67. It is from SAC, Kentucky to Director, FBI. William S. Morris, General manager, Phillips Hotel, and Jackson County, Missouri, Public Administrator and former confidential source this office phoned to advise that David Ferrie was a guest at Phillips Hotel a few months ago using Dallas, Texas, as an address. Garrison's office called the hotel inquiring into toll calls made by Ferrie while he was a guest. Hotel refused unless subpoenaed. Morris forgot the matter until hearing of Ferrie's death.

Morris advised he would make available to FBI any information his hotel records contain because he believed that the FBI might be interested in this matter.

Document # 124-10058-10085 is a one page document date 2/27/67. It is from W. A. Branigan to W.C. Sullivan. David Lewis, a bus station express handler, (what the hell is that anyway?) has made claims that he has the names of five persons allegedly involved in plotting the assassination of President Kennedy. Lewis has also stated he told the New Orleans D.A.'s office that he met Lee Harvey Oswald. A man who lived with Lewis for a time advised the FBI he never learned from Lewis that Lewis had any knowledge of the Kennedy assassination or was acquainted with any Cuban refugees.

George Clark Johnston lived with Lewis in Apartment C, 1407 Conti street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Document # 124-10058-10086 is a one page document dated 02/21/67. It is from SAC, New Orleans to Director, FBI. This is the same information as above except we learn that Johnston is a PCI whose reliability is undetermined. Johnston saw Lewis commenting on television in regards to the Kennedy assassination and the Garrison investigation.

Document # 124-10058-10311 is a four page document dated 11/30/63. It is from SAC Chicago to Director, FBI. This is another copy of document # 124-10027-10028. Actually, it is only a two page document but there are 2 copies of it so that is why the RIF says 4 pages.

Document # 124-10058-10403 is a six page document dated 1/30/63. It refers you to FBI 62-109060-1407. It is from SAC Chicago to Director. 4 pages of which are missing. Two pages are copies of page one. What there is of this document is a copy of document # 124-10027-10033.

Document # 124-10073-10368 is a duplicate of document ## 124-10058-10086.

Document # 124-10073-10383 is a duplicate of document # 124-10058-10084.

Document # 124-10079-10223 is a one page document dated 12/04/63. It is from SAC New York to Director, FBI. This document is about James Talbot. According to NY 2471-S* (surprisingly this informant symbol number was not redacted out.) Mr. Talbot of Dallas, Texas was in contact with the office of "The Worker" in New York City. Mr. Talbot identified himself as a "friend of Mr. Jackson".

Talbot suggested that "The Worker" put out an extra on the assassination. Talbot said he was on a city bus on 11/22/63 and saw President Kennedy's motorcade about three minutes before he was shot. Talbot suggested that the special edition of "The Worker" should blame the "right-wing", John Birch Society, and the groups around General Walker for the assassination.

On 11/27/63, NY [redacted] obtained the following information at CPUSA headquarters in New York City: About two weeks ago, one James Talbot, Dallas, Texas, sent a check for $38.00 to CPUSA headquarters payable to GUS HALL. PHIL BART, CPUSA Organizational Secretary, directed FANNIE TOOHEY, CPUSA, Clerical Employee to make out a receipt for the money and hold it. BART indicated that he had some misgivings about having accepted this money from an unknown person, particularly since that person was from Dallas, in view of the President's assassination there.

Document # 124-10143-10002 is a four page document dated 11/27/63. It is from SAC Los Angeles to Director. This is a duplicate of document # 124-10018-10356. 2 pages are missing.

Document # 124-10144-10082 is a two page document from 11/25/63. It is dated 11/25/63. It is from F. J. Baumgardner to W. C. Sullivan.

"On the evening of 11/24/63 I called our New York Office and told then that Lee Oswald had been corresponding with certain party leaders and instructed our New York Office to make every effort to obtain any such correspondence.

At 3:55 PM 11/25/63 ASAC Roney of our New York Office called and furnished the following information.

NY [redacted]-S advised this date that upon examining old dictation notebooks used by her at Communist Party headquarters she discovered notes of a letter dictated early to her in September, 1963 by Arnold Johnson to a Mr. Oswald. Informant stated that in her shorthand notes no date appears nor does the full name of Oswald appear nor does his residence address appear. The body of the letter appears as follows.

"Dear Mr. Oswald: Your letter of August `63 to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was turned over to me for reply. Since I received your letter of September 1 indicating you are moving to Baltimore, I suggest that when you do that, that you get in touch with us here and we will find some way of getting in touch with you in that city.

While the point you make about your residence in the Soviet Union might be utilized by some people, I think you have to recognize that as an American citizen who is now in this country you have a right to participate in such organizations as you decide, but at the time since there are a number of organizations, including the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, which are of a very broad character and often it is advisable for some people to remain in the background not the underground.

I assume that this is pretty much of an academic question now and we can discuss it later. Arnold Johnson, Director, Information and Lecture Bureau."

Roney said the New York Office has the notebook which contains this shorthand letter and is retaining it. He said up to this time the New York Office has not been able to locate any correspondence in its files between Oswald and Party leaders in New York.

Document # 124-10159-10038 is a duplicate of document # # 124-10018-10498. There are two copies of this one page report here.

Document # 124-10160-10008 is a one page document. It is dated 11/27/63. It is from SAC Baltimore to Director, FBI. BA [redacted] on Nov. 26, 1963 advised that (I think it's George Meyers) Chairman, CP, MD. Dash D.C. District, during CP Dist. Board meeting at Baltimore, MD. at approximately ten thirty p.m. stated that he had to leave to go to New York. Meyers confidentially informed [redacted] he had to go to New York because it was important, Meyers said he had some information and a number of letters he had to turn over to N.Y. because of his communications with Texas and Tennessee. Meyers expected to return to Baltimore November 27, 1963.

Document # 124-10160-10412 is a duplicate of the above.

Document # 124-10170-10009 is a 36 page report. It is dated 12/12/63. It is from Charles S. Harding to Director FBI. 34 pages are missing. This is from Atlanta. Handwritten is "copies noted as destroyed 12/20/76". This contains information from NY 3245-S*, "The disclosure of which source could be detrimental to the national defense."

Oh, c'mon!

On the other page of this are the identities of informants.

Identity of Source Identity Where located

AT T-1 is NY [redacted] NY 134-3911A-322

AT T-2 is NY 2784-S Characterization of

Frances Goldin

AT T-3 is NY 1086-S Characterization of

Anton Novak

AT T-4 is NY 3245-S*

Document # 124-10170-10034 is a 25 page report dated 12/03/63. 22 pages are missing. It is from SAC New York to Director, FBI. John ABT advised the New York office that his client Arnold Johnson wants Abt to make available correspondence between Lee Harvey Oswald and the CP, USA. The correspondence was turned over to Johnson by Abt at his office 320 Broadway, NYC, on 12/3/63.

The original copies of the material made available are being furnished to the Bureau as enclosures via an Eastern Airlines shuttle pilot. Details as to the Eastern Airlines flight will be furnished the Bureau on the night of December 3, 1963. Xerox copies are being furnished to the Dallas Office for its information and other copies are being retained by the NYO.

The material furnished by Abt is described as follows,

Photographic copy of poster "Read The Worker If You Want To Know About Peace, Democracy, Unemployment, Economic Trend."

On 12/2/63 NY[redacted] advised that Arnold Johnson as of that date located correspondence concerning Oswald and that it was being sent to George Meyers. This material was turned over to SA Joseph V. Waters. Johnson explained that Oswald's letter was handled routinely. Oswald was sent a routine package that contained a number of pamphlets.

Well, this document raises a few questions. First, how did Abt get the correspondence between Lee Harvey Oswald and the Communist Party, U.S.A. in first place? Why is he advising the FBI New York Office and making copies, if not the originals, available to them? It is certainly new to me that Abt would be advising the FBI of anything.

Document # 124-10170-10094 is a 34 page report from Charles S. Harding to Director, FBI. 32 pages are missing. It is a duplicate of document # 124-10170-10009.

Document # 124-10173-10008 is a duplicate of document # 124-10170-10034.

Page two is missing. Page one and page three are all that are here, as is the case with document # 124-10170-10034.

Document # 124-10178-10003 is a two page report dated 02/23/67. It is a duplicate of document # 124-10058-10084.

Document # 124-10193-10067 is a three page report dated 12/04/63. Page two is missing. It is from SAC New York to Director, FBI.

"GUS HALL staying at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC, stated he would not visit CPUSA headquarters during the present week for "security reasons". He stated further that he felt there will be an ultra right attack against the CP in view of the alleged involvement of Lee Harvey Oswald with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

"On the same date, Arnold Johnson told Hall that there were three letters from Lee Oswald which he had answered. He recalled one date 8/28/63 to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and one to himself on 9/1/63. Johnson indicated that there apparently was one sent some time previously.

"As to the disposition of Oswald's letters, Johnson could not specifically recall, but it was his belief that he sent them to George Meyers, because Meyers is in charge of the Southern Region of the CP. To the best of his knowledge, Johnson told Hall, that all the Oswald letters came from an address in New Orleans."

Hall instructed Johnson to phone George Meyers immediately and instruct him to bring to NYC any and all correspondence concerning Oswald he might have in his possession. This information came from NY 2010-S*.

Document # 124-10228-10385 is a one page document dated 11/27/63. It is from SAC, Richmond to Director, FBI. This is a duplicate of document # 124-10018-10498.

Document # 124-10228-10416 is a 99 page document dated 12/02/63. It is from Leo E. Pedrotty to Director, FBI. This is a duplicate of document # 124-10035-10116. 96 pages are missing

Document # 124-10241-10124 is a duplicate of document # 124-10058-10084.

Document # 124-10243-10077 is a 4 page document dated 11/30/63. It is from SAC, Chicago to Director, FBI. It is a duplicate of document # 124-10027-10028.

Document # 124-10243-10078 is a six page document dated 11/30/63. 4 pages are missing. It is a duplicate of document # 124-10027-10033.

Document # 124-10243-10386 is a one page document dated 12/12/63. It is from SAC, New York to Director, FBI. It is a duplicate of document # 124-10053-10346.

Document # 124-10254-10419 is a two page document dated 1/15/64. It is from SAC, Newark to Director, FBI. It is a duplicate of document # 124-10027-10161.

Document # 124-10256-10179 is a one page report dated 02/21/67. It is from SAC New Orleans to Director, FBI. It is a duplicate of Document # 124-10058-10086.

Document # 124-10260-10408 is a duplicate of document # 124-10027-10233.

Document # 124-10267-10400 is a three page document dated 11/30/63. It is from SAC Chicago to Director, FBI. Two pages are missing. It is a duplicate of Document # 124-10027-10033.

Document # 124-10269-10256 is a one page document dated 11/27/63. It is a duplicate of document # 124-10018-10498.

Document # 124-10270-10014 is a six page document dated 11/30/63. 4 pages are missing. It is a duplicate of document # 124-10027-10033.

Document # 124-10270-10190 is missing the ARRB Final Determination Notice.

it is an eight page document dated 11/27/63. 4 pages are missing. It is a duplicate of document # 124-10018-10356.

Document # 124-10272-10033 is a two page document dated 11/25/63. It is from SAC Miami, to Director, FBI. The second page is missing. This is a duplicate of document # 124-10018-10491.

Document # 124-10275-10486 is a three page document dated 11/30/63. It is a duplicate of document # 124-10027-10033. Two pages are missing.

Document # 124-10276-10104 is a duplicate of document # 124-10018-10498.

The CIA records.

Document # 104-10017-10015 is a one page document dated 12/03/63. It is from Mexico City to Director, CIA.

"LIFEAT reports John Rettie has agreed drive his mistress Vanda Sumers to Dallas 11 December for purpose arranging her Mexican papers. (Comment: Apparently renewal tourist card). Rettie presently undecided re: spending holidays at family home of Wilton Hall in Anderson, South Carolina as wishes cover Khrushchev visit to Cuba early January 1964 if this takes place."

Document # 104-10015-10049 is a one page CIA report dated 10/24/63. It is from the CIA to the Department of the Navy.

This originates from T. Ward:dd in Unit WH/3 Mexico.

The subject is Lee Henry Oswald.

"Reference is made to CIA out teletype No. 74673, dated 10 October 1963, regarding possible presence of subject in Mexico City. It is requested that you forward to this office as soon as possible two copies of the most recent photograph you have of subject. We will forward them to our representative in Mexico, who will attempt to determine if the Lee Oswald in Mexico City and subject are the same individual."

Hughes signs for CI/OPS/WH, though that is typed in, Roll signs for SR/CI/A and Bernard E. Reichardt signs for Ac/WH/3, though this too is typed. "In draft" appears in parenthesis for Hughes and "draft" is written before Roll. Roll is in parenthesis.

Jane Roman signs for CI/Liaison and L.N. Gallary signs for C/WH/R.

Now we know from John Newman's work that Jane Roman signed off for something that she knew was untrue in the two different descriptions of Oswald in the two different October 10, 1963 cables. We have other cables from the Mexico City station requesting photos from CIA on this same issue of whether or not this Lee Henry Oswald is the Lee Harvey Oswald who "defected" to Russia. It is important to keep in mind this is the month before the assassination. So since the CIA is behind this lie why are they asking for photos of Lee Henry Oswald from the Navy Dept.?

Document # 104-10015-10258 is a one page cable dated 11/30/63. It is from Mexico City to Director, CIA.

This document refers to the stations double agents not having any contact with Soviets since the assassination. This was due to the Soviets who had planned future meetings for period beginning around December 1. Agent LIJENNET-1 is out of touch with Soviet C/O and that another agent LINILE-1 is out of the country.

LIJENNET-1 will have meeting Sov on eve [redacted], LITEASE-1 has met [redacted], LISTEED-1 about [redacted], will have LINILE-1 meet Sov early [redacted], have separately advised HQS re: station's proposal re LINEB-1 meeting.

The above redactions are given the substitute language of "designated meeting times".

The station requests instructions on what tactic if any that double agents should take. Also same for agents, LIGRAVE-1, and LICUFF-1. LICANNY may also have opportunity to meet Sovs if station wants.

Document # 104-10015-10263 is a one page cable dated 11/23/63. It is from CIA to Mexico City.

"Arrest of Silvia Duran is extremely serious matter which could prejudice ODYOKE freedom of action on entire question of PBRUMEN responsibility."

PBRUMEN means Cuban.

"With full regard for Mexican interests, request you ensure that her arrest is kept absolutely secret, that no information from her is published or leaked, that all such info is cabled to us, and that fact of her arrest and her statements are not spread to leftist or disloyal circles in the Mexican government."

Document # 104-10015-10316 is a one page cable dated 11/23/63. I believe it is from CIA to Mexico City. "Send staffer with all photos to HQS. on next available flight. Call Mr. [Scelso] at 652-6827 on arrival."

Document # 104-10015-10350 is a four page cable dated 11/26/63. It is from COS to Director, CIA. It is a duplicate of document # 104-10015-10162 from the 5th Batch.

Document # 104-10015-10353 is a two page cable dated 11/26/63. It is from Mexico City to CIA. Ambassador Mann feels he is not being fully informed on the Oswald/Rubenstein cases. A CIA file number has been redacted. This is a duplicate of document # 104-10015-10406 in "The Eighth Batch".

Document # 104-100015-10356 is a one page cable from Mexico City to CIA. It is dated 11/26/63. This is a report from the FBI that Lee Harvey Oswald stayed at the Hotel Del Comercio, Shagun 19, Tele: 46-60-51, on 27 September 1963.

Oswald left this hotel on 1 October. That was underlined. There is some handwritten marginalia on the document, something about Oct. 2, the rest I can't make out.

Document # 104-10015-10384 is a two page cable from CIA to FBI. It is dated 11/27/63.

"1. Duran's name is now reported to be Sylvia Tirado de Duran aka Sylvia de Tirado.

"2. Interrogation of Duran by Mexican authorities revealed that the passport that Oswald showed her was still valid for travel to USSR. He said he wanted to return there with his wife, to remain permanently. Duran had the impression that Oswald had, or thought he had, made arrangements in Washington whereby instructions would be sent to the Soviet embassy in Mexico to issue his Soviet entry visa in a manner which would eliminate his having to visit the Soviet Embassy. When his real or imagined instructions failed to work smoothly he became rude to the Soviets.

"3. Duran's impression is that Oswald is simply a "Comrade" who could not live comfortably under the rigors of capitalism and wished to return to his spiritual home in the USSR.

"4. Duran does not know whether Oswald received visas for the USSR or Cuba, but said that if he had she had nothing to do with it. If Oswald spoke to anyone else in the Cuban embassy, she is unaware of it.

"5. Following is additional information on Duran. In June 1962 a usually reliable source in Mexico City reported that Jose Revueltas, then a leader of the Liga Leninista Espartaco (Leninista Spartacus League), a Mexican dissident Communist Group, said that Duran was "strongly drawn" to this group."

This originates from Virginia Renshaw, WH/3/Mexico, ext. 5940. There is this CI/SIG/O'Neil_________. It is left unsigned. I believe that Birch O'Neil is supposed to sign here. Birch D. O'Neal is in charge of the Counterintelligence/Special Investigations Group. So, why is it O'Neil with an i, instead of an a? Why the misspelling? Perhaps just a common error. Then under that space is C/WH/3___________. This is for our "Mr. John Scelso". It too is unsigned.

Jane Roman is typed over CILIA. Counterintelligence liaison?

And L. N. Gallery is typed over CWH/R.

I think this is an interesting document.

Document # 104-10015-10392 is a one page cable from Director, CIA to Mexico City. It is dated 11/27/63. This is a trace on car license plate numbers.

1. Texas plate TA 582 registered to F. Morgan Danels, 6714 Morningside Drive, Houston, Texas, for 1956 Imperial Club Coupe. No record ODENVY or HDQS Files.

2. Texas plate KR 5773 registered to Mermino Duarte Martins, San Antonio Dalinde, Tuxpan 23, Mexico D.F., for 1963 Buick 2 door Sports coupe. No record ODENVY or HDQS files.

These license plates were at the Cuban embassy 21 and 24 Nov.

This is signed by William Hood, who is signing for J.C. King as the releasing officer and "John Scelso", C/WH/3 as the authenticating officer.

Document # 104-10015-10412 is a one page cable from Mexico City to Director. It is dated 11/27/63. "Regret station files contain no info pertinent para three ref other than FLUTTER reports which available WAVE. hope obtain more info from COB Merida on next visit Mexi."

Document # 104-10015-10415 is a three page cable from Mexico City to Director. It is dated 11/27/63. This is Ambassador Mann's cable to Secretary Rusk, reporting on three developments. He wrote a letter the previous day, Mexi 7072. This is a duplicate of document # 104-10105-10191 in "The Seventh Batch.

Document # 104-10015-10416 is a one page cable from Mexico City to Director, CIA. It is dated 11/27/63. it is a duplicate of document # 104-10015-10094 in "The Seventh Batch".

Document # 104-10015-10417 is a one page cable from Mexico City to Director, CIA. It is dated 11/27/63.

"Subject plans of Jorge Tamayo Castillejos to go to Cuba November 25, 1963 pada Mexico City 26 November 63 . Source close personal contact with Tamayo."

Document # 104-10015-10428 is a two page memorandum from Winston M. Scott to Clark D. Anderson, Legal Attache. It is date 11/27/63. I think this is a duplicate but I can't find it. Anyway, Scott is informing Anderson of all of the telephone intercepts referred to as "conversations from technical operations of this office". These include a telephone calls starting on September 27, 1963 to October 3, 1963. There are seven conversations the transcripts were attached in this document to Anderson. They are, of course, not attached in the version of the document released by the ARRB.

"a. A telephone call to the Soviet embassy made at 1037 hours on 27 September 1963 by a man outside (Hombre Fuera-"HF" to an Hombre Dentro-"HD"). The man outside said he needed "unas visas" to go to Odessa.

"b. A telephone call to the Soviet embassy made at 1605 hours on 27 September 1963 by Silvia DURAN of the Cuban embassy saying there was an American citizen at the Cuban embassy requesting a Cuban visa in transit to the USSR. She was asked to leave her telephone number (11-23-47).

"c. A telephone call to the Cuban embassy made at 1626 hours on 27 September 1963 by an unidentified man in the Soviet embassy for Silvia DURAN. They discuss the visa application for the "American" who with his Russian wife wanted to go via Cuba to the USSR. The Soviet says he has had no reply from Washington, etc.

"d. A telephone call to the Soviet embassy made at 1151 hours on 28 September 1963 by Silvia DURAN of the Cuban embassy who puts on an unidentified northamerican man who tells the Soviet that he was just at their embassy and wants to give them his address. The Soviet tells him to return to the embassy with the address.

"e. A telephone call to the Soviet Military Attache at 1031 hours on 1 October 1963 by an unidentified man speaking broken Russian who was asked about a telegram which they were to send to Washington. Unidentified man said he was at the Soviet embassy "last Saturday". Soviet told him to call 1?-60-55. It's probably 15-60-55.

"f. A telephone call to the Soviet embassy at 1035 hours on 1 October 1963 by the same man who called previously (23 September 63) and spoke broken Russian. He said his name was Lee OSWALD and wanted to know if they had heard anything. Soviet said no.

"g. A telephone call to the Soviet Embassy (Military Attache) at 1539 hours on 3 October 1963 by an unidentified man requesting a visa. (By the context of other conversations by OSWALD and the fact that this caller spoke in broken Spanish and English rather than Russian which he used previously, it is possible that the caller is not OSWALD)"

Well, that's interesting. Winston Scott is saying on November 27, 1963 that someone might have impersonated Lee Harvey Oswald in October, on 3 October to be precise, more than a month before the assassination. Smells like a smoking document to me. OW! It's on fire! Ouch! OW! OWWWW!

Document # 104-10016-10036 is a the page document from DCD, CIA to DDO/PIC, CIA. It is dated 11/29/63. The first page is a routing and record sheet. It is from H. S. Spilman of the Domestic Collection Division extension 2271. It went to Anna Langford at DDO/PIC on January 6, 1976. "Per our telecon of 5 January. The attached was surfaced during a search under another subject heading. It has been sanitized and may be released if the portions enclosed in brackets are deleted."

Was surfaced? Oh well, apparently they don't teach grammar at spook school.

Fortunately, the ARRB opened up the bracketed information.

Handwritten in is "1:4 Please pass onto Pam & Judy. I hope this turned up in the task force review. " Then there are the initials F.C.R.

Page two is a letter from the Acting Chief of the Contact Division to Chief of the Chicago office. A contact in the cook county sheriff's office furnished the following. Apparently Chicago took over the running of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. In February `63 a secret meeting of the Committee was held at 907 South Spalding, Chicago under the direction of Richard Criley, Secretary of the Chicago chapter at this meeting the assassination of the President of the U.S. was discussed.

The rifle was purchased in March 1963. The document rather surprisingly does not refer to Klein's of Chicago. The Sheriff's office has not yet established that Oswald was at the February meeting. However, they have strong suspicions that Oswald was in Chicago in April and was "responsible for firing the offices here of UPI". What does that mean "firing the offices here of UPI"?

The document mentions Sheriff Ogilive's animosity towards the FBI. The contact was ordered to investigate this himself, to approach the FBI "officially" and ask for information on The Fair Play For Cuba Committee. If refused, to continue the investigation anyway.

The guy writing this report, Robert P.B. Lohman, tries to get the contact to submit his materials to the FBI. The contact replied he had to do as ordered. The contact rather smartly asks does the CIA have anything on The Fair Play For Cuba Committee. Lohman responds that the CIA is not an investigating agency, that the FBI had jurisdiction over internal security matters and that everything we had was classified.

"For the record, we have nothing in our files concerning Lee Harvey Oswald."

Yeah, and Rush Limbaugh is a thin, intelligent guy.

Document # 104-10016-40 is a three page document dated 11/28/63. The first page is a routing and record sheet. This basically says that information has been shared with the legal attache, which would be Mr. Clark D. Anderson and the desire to control that information ie. no dissemination.

Document # 104-10016-10045 is a 2 page document dated 11/28/63 from W.C. Curtis to Director, CIA. The first page is a routing and record sheet. It has Scott's and White's name stamped on it. The cable reports on a rumor that Oswald had deposited $5,000 in a bank in the United States." this rumor was told by Mr. Clark D. Anderson to Scott and Mann. Apparently it was circulating on Mexican TV and or radio. They are worried that Alverado may have heard this and this was the basis for Alverado's sum of $5,000 in his story.

Document # 104-10017-10003 is a three page report dated 12/03/63. It is from Mr. Clark D. Anderson to Ambassador. A Mr. Luis Fernandez Gonzalez, from Honduras appeared at the U.S. embassy in Mexico City. He states that on September 28, 1963 he met an American male named John White on the street in front of the Hotel Reforma. Since then he has seen photographs of Lee Harvey Oswald and now believes White strongly resembles Oswald.

Fernandez claimed that he knew one Saul Lopez, whom he described as the Press chief of the National Liberation Movement in Mexico.

On September 29, 1963, he accompanied JOHN WHITE and SAUL LOPEZ to Cuernavaca, Morelos, traveling in Lopez's 1959 Ford Galaxie (and here's the best part of the story) "they spent the day at the Hotel de la Selva swimming and entertaining themselves. Fernandez claimed that this trio did not register at the Hotel de la Selva, but merely spent the day there." White and Lopez then went on to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in Lopez's automobile..

Fernandez was in Mexico illegally without documentation and wanted the U.S. embassy to help him get to Miami, Florida. This the embassy refused to do.

Fernandez stated on December 2, 1963 that he was without funds, had no gainful employment, and it was noted that he was exceedingly filthy, heavily bearded, and had every appearance of a penniless tramp.

No action was taken on this story of Fernandez, who was seen as an opportunist.

Document # 104-10017-10012 is a one page document dated 12/03/63. It is from CIA to JMWAVE. This is another document that intrigues me. It is another reference to a "Raul" working in the Cuban embassy.

"AMKNOB-1 SW message received WAVE 30 Nov. reflected foll:

"A. Following WAVE co instructions, A-1 sent cable with follow-up letter to Raul at CIS address HAVA upon A-1 return Mexi;

"B. A-1 waited 15 days without receiving answer to letter sent Raul;

"C. A-1 contacted PBRUMEN embassy 22 Nov attempting reestablish contact with Raul. A-1 talked via telecon with girl named Silvia who claimed be sec of Consulate. Silvia denied knowing Raul.

"D. 22 Nov A-1 sent another cable PBRUMEN CIS address requesting meeting.

"E. 25 Nov A-1 received urgent wire from Raul sent from Tacubaya, DF, DTD 23 Nov which acknowledged receipt A-1 wire and requested A-1 wait for Raul.

"F. A-1 said "He terribly moved by horrible assassination President" and facing such acts must redouble strength fight red crime.

"G. A-1 said Oswald face familiar and may have seen him PBRUMEN or Mexi. A-1 will further advise.

"H. a-1 convinced GOC employs killers and assassins."

Document # 104-10017-10038 is a two page cable dated 12/02/63. It is from Mexico City to Director, CIA. It is a request for a name trace on Nicholas Villalpando Cortez. Mr. Cortez runs a small grocery store opposite the Soviet embassy and thought he saw Oswald in late September `63 expounding the virtues of communism and said he was getting a visa to go to Cuba. The document refers to the possible identification of Oswald as erroneous. This is offered without explanation. Cortez offers to help in any way in can to the U.S. embassy and it sounds like they are interested in recruiting him.

Document # 104-10017-10053 is a one page cable dated 12/06/63. It is from Mexico City to Director. This is about the interrogation of Alverado Urgarte. The question of LCFLUTTER not yet broached with Alverado Urgarte. The Nicaraguan inspectors are taking him out tonight for a good meal.

Document # 104-10017-10065 is a two page cable dated 12/05/63. It is from Mexico City to Director, CIA.

"Peter K. Woodhead arrived, met by DCOS and got through customs with no problem." Woodhead is a false name.

This document gives the location of the safehouse where the interrogation of Alverado took place. "After careful study with legal attache have decided hold interrogation at apartment No. 3 Calle Merida 166, which was used by KUCLUB personnel for aegenerate L.P. This completely backstopped by being rented for `visiting Americans'. No future plan to use apartment by station. Apartment building has no watchman. No adjoining apartments or buildings. Messrs. Clark Anderson and Joe Garcia of legal attache studied apartment on night of 4 December and approves of use.

"Plan is to have Anderson and Garcia pick up Alverado and bring him to apartment. Mexican police will accompany to apartment but will not repeat not enter building. Anderson alone will interpret for Woodhead.

"Will have Rescigno in a bedroom to monitor and record interrogation. Rescigno will not be blown to Anderson, Garcia or to Mexicans."

Rescigno is another false name.

Document # 104-10018-10002 is a one page cable dated 12/09/63. It is from CIA to FBI.

"Richard Beymer, American Movie Actor was in touch with Cuban embassy, Mexico City.

"1. The Mexico City News of 5 December 1963 carried a picture of Richard Beymer, American movie actor, who was a delegate to the film festival being held in Acapulco.

"2. Beymer was in touch with the Cuban embassy in Mexico City on 2 December, and a person believed to be Beymer was in touch with the embassy on 30 November. He wanted to speak to Silvia Duran, who was not at the embassy. Another employee told him that no reply had been received from Cuba.

"3. This office has no information on Beymer."

This is signed by Jane Roman, as the releasing officer, L.N. Gallery, as the authenticating officer, and a B. I. R. or B.E. R handwritten in.

Document # 104-10018-10028 is a one page record and routing sheet dated 12/10/63. It is from RID/AN, CIA to CI/RA, CIA. There is handwriting that looks to me like "This didn't pick up entire subject line."

Document # 104-10018-10029 is a duplicate of this records and routing sheet.

Document # 104-10018-10031 is another duplicate.

Document # 104-10018-10032 is another duplicate.

Document 3 104-10018-10046 is a one page cable dated 12/10/63. It is from JMWAVE to Director, CIA.

"AMSUM-4 interviewed Pedro (Alvarez) Gandarilla and wife Graciela (Sanchez) Manduley night 9 Dec 63 and asked them to identify if possible spread of 6 names, including several variations name Saavedra found WAVE files, all of whom supposedly friends of sister Celia (Sanchez)."

2. Subjects unable identify any variation of name Saavedra as friend of Celia (Sanchez), nor did they know any Saavedras at all. Pedro (Alvarez) Gandarilla outspokenly cooperative. Wife Graciela (Sanchez) cooperative but sensitive to questions concerning her family and possible she may withhold info concerning her family."

Okay, anyone know who Saavedra is or why that persons or persons are important.?

Document # 104-10018-10049 is a duplicate of document # 104-10018-10028.

Document # 104-10018-10056 is a one page record and routing sheet. It is from sometime in 1963. The date is not given. It is from CIRA/RS to IP/FI

Document # 104-10018-10074 is a 6 page document. Two pages of which are missing. It is dated 12/13/63. It is from Chief of Station, JMWAVE to Chief of the Special Affairs Staff. Page one is a record and routing sheet. This is about the possible use of the "DRE tape" which is the radio debate Oswald had with Carlos Bringuier.

The debate is characterized as centering "On Cuba and Communist subversion throughout the Western Hemisphere, including Fair Play for Cuba Committee activities in the US. Oswald clearly comes out the loser for lack of factual accuracy and logical argumentation."

Yeah for the home team.

This is another attempt to use Bringuier and this radio debate for political propaganda purposes. A little more muted than the attempt on the day of the assassination. They want to send it to Latin American countries noting that it has been sent to radio stations in the southeastern part of the United States.

The reel to reel audiotape was sent to NARA in 1992.

Document # 104-10018-10084 is a one page document. It is dated 13 December, 1963. It is from Winston Scott to Mr. Clark D. Anderson.

Attached are two copies of the Mexican report on the interrogation of Silvia Duran during her second arrest. No, they aren't really attached. Why break a pattern? There is some CIA file number redacted. There have been a number of CIA file numbers redacted on the bottom of several documents.

The HSCA documents.

Document # 180-10071-10165. This is a four page document. It is a summary of an interview of Secret Service Agent John David Ready. Ready's address is given as 25191 Derby Circle, Laguna Hills, Calif. He's probably moved. They give his social security number 714-498-3580. In 1978 he was assigned to Nixon protection. The HSCA investigator was Harold Rose. Ready was interviewed at the Secret Service office in San Clemente.

Ready was appointed to the Secret Service in 1961 and assigned to the White House detail, with temporary details at Hyannisport and Palm Beach. He remained on the White house detail until 1968. In between 1968 and 1978 he was assigned to the San Diego office for V.P. Agnew protection, Dr. Kissinger protection, Watergate and the White house tapes, and then the Nixon service. A very interesting career.

Ready stated that he had never done an advance for the President while on the White House detail.

On the November 18, 1963 Miami trip, upon arriving he was informed of a death in his family and and returned to Washington, D.C. He did not recall any threat to the President and did not recognize the name of Joseph Milteer.

Ready was asked about how information from the PRS is passed on. Ready said he assumed such information would be passed onto the advance agents.

In regards to the Dallas motorcade Ready stated that he was assigned to the right front running board of the presidential follow up car opposite Clint Hill. He stated that his job was not to watch the President but to watch the crowds and buildings. He stated that he had no specific recall of making any observation of the TSBD. He thought the first shot was a firecracker thrown from behind them. He said that the second and third shots were closer in time than the first and second shots. He heard someone say either, "He's hit," or, "He's shot," but doesn't remember when it was said, relative to the second or third shot.

Ready stated that he jumped off of the running board to go to the President's vehicle but was called back by Agent in Charge Emory Roberts. He had been watching the right side and was not aware of Clint Hill running to the presidential limousine.

After entering the hospital, he was assigned to the door leading to the area where they had taken the President. Ready did not have any recall of the FBI agent making a scene when trying to get into the room where the President was. He was told to ride the follow up car behind Vice President Johnson to Love field and as they were getting ready to leave he heard that the President had died. On arrival at Love field, Vice President Johnson boarded Air Force 1 along with the Vice Presidential detail of Secret Service agents. Agent Ready boarded the back-up plane.

Rose asked Ready if he was aware of a trip ever being canceled because of a threat. He stated that he never performed Protective Service for any President or any other White House official who would have allowed a trip to be canceled because of a threat.

Document # 180-10074-10079. This is a five page document. It is a summary of an interview with Thomas Lem Johns. Mr. Johns was employed as a Special Assistant to HEW Secretary Joseph Califano. He retired from the Secret Service in May of 1975 after serving 21 years. He also had two years with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax unit of the Treasury. Mr. Johns became a Treasury agent in Birmingham, Alabama his home town and transferred over to the Secret Service after two years as an A & TT agent. His first station was Birmingham, Alabama. After 2 and 1/2 years he was transferred to Chicago. There he worked under Paul Paterni, later an Assistant Chief of the SS. He spent 1957-1959 in Chicago and then was transferred to the White House Detail. He worked that detail until 1960 when he was transferred to Atlanta.

During 1960 to 1963 Johns was called back to serve on the White House Detail in connection with protection matters at Middleburg, Virginia and Hyannisport, Massachusetts in connection with President John F. Kennedy and his family.

When LBJ was Vice President he, at first, only wanted two agents assigned to him. After 1962 this was revised and the Vice Presidential detail was expanded.

Johns was put on the Vice Presidential detail working under Stuart Knight and Rufus Youngblood.

In November 1963 Johns was at the LBJ ranch in Perdenales, Texas and was helicoptered with other agents to San Antonio to meet the Vice President's party. They traveled onto Dallas-Ft. Worth with the group. It was Johns' assignment on November 22nd to ride in the follow-up car. He normally rotated each day with Rufus Youngblood to ride in the Vice President's car. The follow-up was hard topped and the doors opened from the rear. "I was blind on top and couldn't see behind me," Johns said. "I heard two shots. They seemed close together. They were shots, not backfires, or firecrackers. Our car was moving very slowly and my door was open so I jumped out on the street. Before I could begin to move towards the VP's car I heard the third shot. The first two sounded like they were on the side of me towards the grassy knoll but then that's because of the confinement of the backseat and opening to that side plus the fact that people [were] falling to the ground on the grassy slope made me feel that the shots were from that direction.

I never got a fix on the third shot because I was running towards LBJ's car, which was now some distance away from us and picking up speed. I was left on the street with no way to get back in our car. A passing car with White House photographers

in it came by and one of them recognized me. He said, `Hey, there's Lem Johns. let's give him a ride.' They stopped and picked me up and we drove to the Trade Mart, which was the next stop. I heard from a Dallas police officer that the President had been shot and taken to Parkland hospital. He drove me there on his three wheeler."

When Johns arrived at Parkland Hospital, he talked to Rufus Youngblood who told him to find Kenny O'Donnell and see what was happening with the President. He ran into Emory Roberts, another agent, who told him that the President was dead. He eventually brought O'Donnell to see Rufus and LBJ. "O'Donnell told the Vice President that Kennedy was dead and that they should take Air Force One and go back to Washington." Rufus (Youngblood) told him (Johns) to get transportation for Love Field and round up the Vice President's group. He (Youngblood) apparently gave the same task to other agents, because when Johns got back with the route information he saw that the others had taken LBJ and left. Johns left for Love Field himself, picking up Cecil Stoughton, the photographer, on the way.

Johns said that President Johnson talked to Bobby Kennedy on the phone and was told by Bobby to get sworn in there in Dallas. They then called Federal Judge Sarah Hughes who came and administered the oath. Johns helped remove seats for the coffin to be placed in the rear cabin of Air Force One. After they returned to Washington, Johns remained with the President's detail throughout the funeral.

Document # 180-10074-10394. This is a seven page document. It is from the "numbered files" record series. These are all interviews or interview summaries of Secret Service personnel. This particular one is dated 02/28/78. It is an interview of Robert J. Jamison. What is most fascinating about all of these HSCA documents is that the ARRB Executive Director, Mr. David Marwell looked at all of them. How can I tell? Well, there is a charge out record document. I have never seen such a document before. Marwell's name is written in, the JFK Assassination Review Board, etc. Mr. Marwell looked at this material on September 19, 1995.

Mr. Robert J. Jamison was interviewed at his residence, 41 Apple Blossom Lane, Asherville, North Carolina on February 28, 1978. He was interviewed by Mr. Belford Lawson.

Mr. Jamison was appointed to the Secret Service in 1951. Mr. Jamison served in the U.S. Navy, in the War Department, and in the Miami office of the U.S. Customs before entering the Secret Service. He remained in the Miami office of the Secret Service until his transfer to the Washington Field Office in 1965.

"Mr. Jamison experienced difficulty in recalling detailed information of any kind about conditions of any kind in the Miami office in 1963." Helpful little guy, isn't he?

"However, he was able to remember that there were between five and seven agents in the office in that year, including SAIC Marshall, Sa's Bailey, Nugent, McCord, Aragon, and clerical aide Curry; that Palm Beach was within the Miami Office's jurisdiction; and that when the President vacationed in Palm Beach, SAIC Marshall would advance and secure Palm Beach, leaving Jamison in charge of day-to-day matters in Miami."

Jamison mentions that Marshall was in Palm Beach when Milteer was brought to the attention of the Secret Service by the Miami Police Department shortly after 11/9/63.

Jamison mentioned that they took seriously actual and potential threats from the Miami Cuban community. "He did not mention the Secret Service coverage of the flag-presentation ceremony by the Brigade 2054 widows or the JFK-Orange Bowl speech but he did recall that Spanish speaking SA's "handled" information about Cuban activity." It's supposed to be 2506, not 2054, 2506 was the Brigade of Cuban exiles involved in the Bay of Pigs.

Jamison had another amnesia fit and, "could not remember specific procedures used by the Miami office to regulate inter-agency liaison contacts." Jamison did recall, " we considered all areas a source of information" and "we passed it on to the PRS depending on where the subject was." PRS is the Protective Research Service, a division of the Secret Service.

On President Kennedy's November 18, 1963 trip to Miami, Jamison, "confidently asserted that he recalled the trip per se, but was able to recall only generalities concerning Secret Service protective procedures rather than specific facts about protective operations and other aspects of the trip." Jamison stated that he had no

recollection about the contributions (or lack thereof) to Presidential protection made by SA Lubert de Freese, the White House Detail Advance Agent into Miami; John A. Marshall, the SAIC of the Miami Office; Miami Police Intelligence Division Sgt. Charles Sapp, the officer who informed the Secret Service about FBI/MPD informant Willie Somersett's work in obtaining anti-JFK active threat information from PRS subject Joe Milteer; by Somersett; or Milteer.

I am surprised by the next paragraph of this document. The HSCA interviewer in a most uncharacteristic move for a federal investigator into the JFK assassination confronts this "memory loss" of Mr. Jamison. "Questioning about the reasons for the deficiencies in his memory elicited various types of admissions. Some admissions represented Jamison's adoption of postures of ignorance, (emphasis added) e.g. `All I know is that he (the President) was in safe and out safe.'"

Jamison pointed out the bureaucracy of the procedures which would include information going to the local SAIC, the White House Detail advance agent, the SAIC of the WHD, the PRS, the PRS advance man, and any field office with jurisdiction over a related subject. Jamison remembered telling WHD Advance agent de Freese what to do, but could not remember what he told him.

Jamison also adopted personal attitudes during his frequent memory loses, examples include, "I can't say without knowing particulars", "I don't know and I can't recall", "I've been retired seven years and I've just dismissed all my protective experience from my mind."

Again, the interviewer surprises me by trying to get some useful information from Jamison. "Under the conditions created by the virtually complete loss of memory on Jamison's part, questioning was developed which invited Jamison to comment on hypothetical protective situations." Specifically, he was asked to determine whether on November 18, 1963, if he had been exclusively in charge, would he have transported the President from the airport to the speech site at the hotel by helicopter or motorcade? Memorandum before him some written by Jamison himself made it clear that the threat on Nov. 18, 1963 was posed by a mobile, unidentified rifleman shooting from a window in a tall building with a high power rifle fitted with a scope. Jamison had "no recall" of these facts even with his own recollection was refreshed by his own memoranda.

Jamison refused to comment on this hypothetical, saying that "it would be strictly conjecture" and that "I can't say what I'd do without all the facts."

Yet again Lawson, not settling for this asked Jamison, "whether he was intentionally restricting the scope of his answers because of instructions received from his past superiors in the Secret Service. Jamison admitted that he had been debriefed by Chief Inspector Krill before leaving the service and at that time was told he was "not supposed to discuss" the internal operations of the Secret Service.

However, Jamison stated that he, "was not now feeling any constraint" and that "if I recalled any facts they would be yours since you have a job to do."

Jamison recalled that at "some point in 1965" it was standard operating procedure in the Secret Service for rooftops of buildings along a motorcade route to be checked out, for personnel in buildings along the route to be kept closed by officers posted for that purpose. However Jamison could not recall whether these standards were in effect in 1963.

Jamison was assigned to protect Marina Oswald on the Monday following the assassination. This is confusingly described in the text of the document as the "Marine Oswald detail". This document states that manpower for the detail was taken from various SS field offices around the country.

This is not true.

Peter Dale Scott discovered that the order to protect the Oswald's came prior to the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald on Sunday, not on the Monday following the assassination. James Martin testified to the Commission that he was the Resident Manager of the Six Flags Motel from May of 1962 to January 1, 1964. He stated he became acquainted with Marina on November 24, 1963. He was called by the Tarrant County sheriff on Sunday. Lew Evans, the sheriff, called, "about 11 o'clock in the morning, and they wanted a room where they could question the Oswald family."1

This is crucially important! This call to sequester the Oswald family away from the press and other investigators occurs before Lee Harvey Oswald is killed by Jack Ruby, "even though the Secret Service had no standing authority for such action and was only authorized by Lyndon Johnson to do so on compassionate grounds after Lee Harvey Oswald had died on Sunday afternoon."2

Jamison was selected for this duty by Miami SAIC John A. Marshall. The document refers one to the Investigative report filed by Marshall on this for more information.

Jamison remained on the detail from the end of November until the conclusion of Marina's Warren Commission testimony in February of 1964. Jamison was not with her while she resided at a motel but joined her later when she resided "at the Martin residence". Well, she was secluded at The Inn of the Six Flags in Arlington, Texas, that was the hotel. Jamison remembered that SA's named Copadze (more misspelling, it's Gopadze) Howard, Dickerson and Sheridan were on the detail with him.

Jamison's replies to questioning about whether he personally elicited information from Marina, especially about the Oswald-Walker incident, were `not that I recall". Jamison pointed out that the FBI had investigative jurisdiction and hence "always interrogated Marina in a separate room."

Document # 180-10074-10396 is an eleven page summary of an interview with Winston G. Lawson. This is a copy of document # 180-10074-10397 with the notable exception of some handwritten notation to correct the text. This was done by Belford Lawson of the HSCA staff on March 26, 1979. He writes, "007066 was missing from the system. I substituted a xeroxed copy from Team IV files. All corrections are my own and accurate." 007066 is the HSCA agency number for this document. It is interesting that it went missing at some time for some reason.

On the 5th page Belford Lawson inserts "The Final decision to go to the Trade Mart" in between "route" and "was" thus clarifying this sentence, "He (Lawson) indicated that the selection of the Trade Mart as the speech site and destination for the motorcade took place prior to the mapping out of the route was made at Washington and at very least involved Gerald Behn (WHD chief) and Ken O'Donnell, Presidential Appointments Secretary.", to read as "He (Lawson) indicated that the selection of the Trade Mart as the speech site and destination for the motorcade took place prior to the mapping out of the route. The Final decision to go to the Trade Mart was made at Washington and at very least involved Gerald Behn (WHD chief) and Ken O'Donnell, Presidential Appointments Secretary."

On page 6 under (d-2) The Main - Elm - Houston Turn, (The idiots can't even get the turns right.) Belford inserts corrections so it reads, "The alternative would have been to continue west on Main without turning onto Houston and to proceed on Main under the triple overpass to a point west of the overpass and then to take Industrial Boulevard to the Trade Mart."

On page 10 Belford Lawson inserts a correction so that it reads, "Mr. (Winston) Lawson recalls that surge of the presidential limousine almost resulted in a collision with the lead car." Much better than using the one three letter word "hit" which was crossed out..

Page 11 is missing in this copy but is there in document # 180-10074-10397.

Document # 180-10074-10397 is an interview of Winston Lawson. This interview takes place on January 31, 1978. The document gives Lawson's address as 6408 Twin Court, Springfield, Virginia. I believe the interview took place at House Annex #2, thought I am unsure what that refers to. There is a telephone number listed 703-971-3936.

Lawson worked as an agent for CIC in the U.S. Army at Ft. Holabird, Maryland. Lawson's duties apart from investigations and interviews included the maintenance of filing systems.

Lawson went to the Secret Service School for 5 weeks. In the areas of Presidential protection, the lessons were delivered in the form of lectures by White House Detail lecturers Robert Bouck and Howard Henderson. The lectures touched upon such subjects as weapons training, but were based primarily upon an official WHD Advance Manual, used within the WHD and compiled from materials written from year to year by different authors.

"Mr. Lawson was unable to recall anything about the specific content of any of the lectures or any of the materials contained in the lectures or in the WHD Advance Manual."

"The principal focus of SS training in the area of Presidential Protection was on-the-job training." Oh, great.

Lawson explained that the Daughters of the American Revolution Hall in Washington, D.C. was used as a demonstration site for training sessions in advance work.

In September , 1963 Lawson served as chief advance agent for a Billings, Montana Presidential trip and in October 1963 as chief advance agent for a Little Rock, Arkansas trip.

Lawson pointed out that as advance agent he relied both upon PRS and on local agents for information about active subjects. Specific information about a subject who was considered an active threat could be found in the files of either the PRS or the local SS office Lawson explained that advance agents customarily relied on the local office agents more than on the PRS because the local agents usually had firsthand knowledge of the subject and were in a position to check and recheck the family, friends, and other associations of the subject.

On pre-departure contact with the PRS, Lawson had many conversations with Floyd Boring and Roy Kellerman, who were the two chief assistants of the WHD, but they did not discuss PRS matters.

Now there is something damn odd here. Lawson stated that his pre-departure contact with PRS indicated that no reports were available from PRS about any threat subjects developed on the basis of President Kennedy's visit to Texas for the funeral of Representative Sam Rayburn in 1961.

Why would threat subjects be limited to developments from President Kennedy's attendance of Sam Rayburn's funeral? What this says in deceptive language is that there were no active threat subjects to President Kennedy in the whole state of Texas for two whole years, 1962 and 1963, at least in the Secret Service PRS files, and if there were they were not shared with Lawson.

Lawson stated that he learned about the October 1963 attack in Dallas on Adlai Stevenson "only by his own reading."

Lawson recalled that he arrived at night in Dallas and was met by a local agent, then went to a local office, where meetings began for the purpose of planning the itinerary in light of manpower available and of threat levels. Constant meetings also began with the Dallas Police Department. Initially, however, the SS only paid a courtesy call and avoided making a specific early commitment about plans.

According to Lawson's Warren Commission testimony (IV p. 322), Lawson arrived in Dallas on Tuesday Nov. 12, 1963 at approximately 7:30 PM. He was accompanied by Jack Puterbaugh and Chief Warrant Officer Bales from the White House Communications Agency.

Mr. Lawson could not identify any person or persons as responsible for the decision to use a motorcade in Dallas, but he "thinks the decision was made in D.C." This is classic bull meant to confuse and disorient. Lawson knows better.

I'm going to limit my commentary as I am working on a book on the advance preparations for the Dallas trip. To offer it here will needlessly extend the length of my document by document review of the material the ARRB releases. However, as I am fascinated by this subject and unlike the Mexico City related documents know something about this particular aspect of the case I may feel compelled to add information.

When asked whether there was controversy about the selection of the luncheon site he responded that the Secret Service "found what we found at the Fair Grounds, at the Trade Mart, and then phoned back."

Well, what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Lawson characterized the Trade Mart as "newer" as having "many more doors, a guard system, a card system for identifying visitors, and catwalks of the Hyatt House type with open balconies. The interviewer noted that Lawson did not describe the features of an alternative site and compare it to the Trade Mart.

There is another strange sentence, "He (Lawson) indicated that the selection of the Trade Mart as the speech site and destination for the motorcade took place prior to the mapping out of the route was made at Washington and at very least involved Gerald Behn (WHD chief) and Ken O'Donnell, Presidential Appointments Secretary."

A question mark is written in the marginalia next to this. As written this makes no sense. There is a conscious and deliberate effort in the whole story of preparations for the trip to state that the decisions were made in Washington, rarely if ever matching any one decision with any one specific individual. I think what Lawson is trying to say is that the Trade Mart was selected as the luncheon site prior to the mapping out of how to get there from Love Field. This is logical as you need a destination first, then you work out the best way to get there. However, exactly what he is trying to say was decided in Washington is unclear. If it were true that matters were being decided in Washington there is very little reason for Lawson to be in Texas, very little reason for the decision of a luncheon site not to be made prior to Lawson's arrival, very little reason for Jerry Bruno and later Bill Moyers to go to Dallas. The problem was John Connally who is not mentioned at all by Lawson in this document, and not mentioned at all by Lawson by name. The Governor's office is referred to, and the Governor is referred to in reference to removing him from the car at Parkland but Lawson makes no mention of John Connally in the context of Dallas trip preparations and Trade Mart selection.

In what appears to be a contradiction Lawson claimed that he could not identify any one person or organization as conspicuously preferring or trying to influence the selection of the Trade Mart, yet, on the same page states that Jack Puterbaugh, a civilian political advance man for the Democratic National Committee recommended the Trade Mart. Puterbaugh accompanied Lawson to Dallas, stayed at the same hotel as Lawson, attended many of the same DPD/SS planning meetings, and was also in charge of the protocol of the motorcade, the arranging of the seating and vehicle sequence for Congressmen and other dignitaries in the motorcade.

Lawson was "not able to recall" the influence (if any) on motorcade planning of local press representative Felix McKnight or of Democratic State Chairman Eugene Locke.

Lawson informed the HSCA in this interview, " that the motorcade route was not automatically determined by the prior selection of the Trade Mart, but was mapped out subject only to the requirements that (1) the motorcade pass through downtown Dallas and (2) that the motorcade proceed from Love Field to the Trade Mart."

These conditions rules out a direct route from Love field to the Trade Mart that would have taken no more than five minutes.

Lawson in this interview stated that he did not accompany Mr. Sorrels on the tour of the route which they each say that they made together on November 14. Second, Mr. Lawson stated that he "does not recall" that the route traveled by Sorrells included Dealey Plaza, since it was not certain on the 14th that the Trade Mart would be the destination.

Here's what Mr. Lawson said in CE 769, p. 2 in volume 17 p. 619, "SAIC Sorrells and I drove one of the proposed routes from the airport to the Trade Mart at the approximate speed probably to be taken during the motorcade, and looked over other security factors along the route."

So Lawson lied. Lie one, he did not drive with Sorrells; lie two, okay he didn't drive the motorcade route President Kennedy took on Nov. 22, he said he took "one of the proposed routes" but the HSCA did ask him that, and he did too drive to the Trade Mart on one of the proposed routes with Sorrells, his own memorandum says he did. And what were the other proposed routes, and what was the destination of these other routes?

Mr. Lawson stated that the purpose of the turn was to place the motorcade on the freeway because this afforded greater security than the alternative. The alternative would have been to (1) to continue west on Main over the triple overpass to a point west of the overpass then (2) Take Industrial Boulevard to the Trade Mart . However, Mr. Lawson did not recall whether the alternative was suggested.

On Nov. 18 the route had been selected, a tour of the route was taken by Lawson Sorrells, and DPD Assistant Chiefs Batchelor and Lumpkin. Discussions were on "crowd" control, and an interest in "filing in the gap" of time between the landing of AF-1 at Love Field and the time of the speech, and a "prime concern with things falling from overpasses". Mr. Lawson also went to a private club in the late afternoon of the 18th. Lawson commented that Puterbaugh was in contact with Washington at this time and was (1) "probably" "getting instructions" "from the Democratic Party" on resolving matters of protocol at the local level; and (2) was "possibly" getting instructions on this matter from Betty Harris (Elizabeth Fosling Harris) who was Puterbaugh's primary local contact.

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