The Sixth Batch

by Joseph Backes

The National Archives released documents separate from any ARRB activity on November 6, 1995. They were released under the JFK assassination records act. Also acknowledged in the press release were the ARRB releases on October 19 and 26. To quote the November 6, 1995 Press release, "The newly released materials include 36 boxes from the "Segregated Collection" of CIA records pertaining to the assassination. These records consist of documents created by the staff of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) during its review of CIA records. Among the records are: correspondence between the committee and the CIA: notes taken by HSCA staff during reviews of CIA records and interviews of CIA personnel; transcripts of interviews conducted in Mexico City; and drafts of issue summaries and sections of the Committee's report. Many of these documents are released with segments postponed.

Also included...are FBI records on Carlos Marcello (4 boxes), anti-Cuban activist Orlando Bosch Avila (8 boxes) and other subjects of interest to the HSCA. Approximately 300 pages of daily shrift reports of the White House Detail from the records of the Secret Service for November 1963 are being opened for the first time.

48 documents from the Department of State's Passport Office are being released in full.

52 FBI and CIA documents released by the ARRB on October 19th and October 26 are also available for research."

There has also apparently been an FBI transfer to NARA on November 3, 1995. I do not have a document count or number of boxes released. I will duplicate the page I got from the ARRB as exactly as I can,



Orlando Bosch Avila                   FBIHQ Main Files

Arthur Balletti                       FBIHQ Main Files & Miscellaneous
                                      See References
Welcome Eugene Barnett                FBIHQ Main File & Miscellaneous              
                                      See References                                                                            

John Buccola                          FBIHQ Main Files

Cuba Libre                            FBIHQ Main Files & Miscellaneous                   
                                      See References

John Heard aka  Hurt                  FBIHQ Main File

Everett Howard Hunt                   FBIHQ Main Files

Lake Ponchartrain                     FBIHQ Main Files

Carlos Marcello                       FBIHQ Main Files & Miscellaneous 'JUNE' 
                                      and See References

Sidney Sieband                        FBIHQ Main File & Miscellaneous
                                      See References

Robert Edward Webster                 FBIHQ Main Files & Miscellaneous  
                                      See References

HSCA Subjects with only FBIHQ Miscellaneous See References

James Jesus Angleton
Anti-Communist International Brigade
Danny Arce
Andrew Armstrong
T.L. Baker
Thomas Edward Beckham
Moris Block
Ronnie Caire
Frank DeLa Barre
Nelson Delgado
Robert E. Edwards  aka Bobby Gene Edwards
Ronald B. Fischer
Martin Fox
Louis Hopkins
Charles Joseph Le Banc
William D. Pawley
William K. Stuckey

Audiotapes of Assassiantion Records Review Board presenations and open meetings are now available.

Joe Backes is making the tapes available for ten dollars a copy. He is also making available photocopies of ARRB documents for ten cents a page.

Email Joe at for more information. (If your Web browser supports forms, click on the highlighted text for a pre-addressed email document.)

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