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Anatomy of a Threat by Vincent Palamara [ok] Secret Service and Infrastructure - by V. Palamara (3 parts)[ok] "The JFK Murder - Criminal Conspiracy or Willful Misconduct?"[ok] The Secret Service and CE399 (V.Palamara) [ok] "Breakdown" of the Infrastructure of the Secret Service on 11-22-63[ok] Wm. Manchester - Agents on the Limo--A JFK "DESIRE"?! (by VP)[ok] Palamara AND BEHN'S 'version' of "Changed Parade Route"[ok] Rebuttal to Kathlee's post- "Dallas:Just Four Non-Flanking Motorcycles[ok] Network Anomalies of 11-22-63 (by V. Palamara)[ok] (Possible) Secret Service Propaganda (by V. Palamara)[ok] Sampler of Official "History" on Secret Service/11-22-63 (Palamara)[ok] The Zapruder Film and Harry Holmes... (by V. Palamara)[ok] * The Mystery of JFK's Motorcycle Escort (and related matters)[ok] * JFK's motorcycle escort: the changes on 11/21/63 & Love Field, etc.[ok] My Infamous Contact with Wm.Manchester (by V.Palamara[ok] Reasons for Public Indifference to the JFK Case[ok] Incredible November 1963 threats (V Palamara)[ok] Agents who believed there was conspiracy (V.Palamara)[ok]
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