by Martin Shackelford

Through the Looking Glass: The Mysterious World of Clay Shaw
	by William Davy (1995)

p. 4 The North American Newspaper Alliance was sometimes  
       used as a cover for CIA operatives posing as reporters; 
       here the example is David Baldwin in the early 1950s; 
       could another be Priscilla Johnson in the late 1950s?

p. 5 Texas millionaire Clint Murchison was a patient of Dr. Alton
    Ochsner (founder of INCA in New Orleans). Ochsner also
    treated Nicaragua's Somozas (whose agent "D" sought to
    link Oswald to Cuba after the assassination of JFK). Along
    with the CIA, Ochsner funded William Gaudet's weekly
    journal Latin American Reports. 

p. 10 Mrs. Carlos Marquez, widow of the former Cuban consul in
    New Orleans, told Asst. D.A> Andrew Sciambra that Clay Shaw
    temporarily allowed the consulate free space, was sympathetic
    to the anti-Castro cause; she also saw Oswald pass out leaflets
    at the International Trade Mart (where the consulate was); a few
    days later, she saw Oswald walking through the lobby of the
    Trade Mart. 
    The Foreign Policy Association, whose members included Shaw
     and Ochsner, hosted Gen. Charles Cabell's April 1961 address in
     New Orleans. Shaw introduced Cabell that day. 
    Guy Banister operative Joe Newbrough said Banister provided
    CIA funds to the Lake Ponchartrain training camp; on one occasion
    in the early 1960s, Banister had Newbrough call Shaw and hand
    the phone to David Ferrie. Lawyer Jules Fontana reported often
    seeing Banister in Shaw's office. 

p. 27 Shaw's defense team hired, for investigative work, the 
     Wackenhut Corporation (see Jim Hougan, Spooks).

p. 50 note 18 Tommy Baumler reported Shaw and Banister were
    close, and Oswald worked for Banister. 

p. 54 note 12 Warren DeBrueys, New Orleans FBI agent transferred
    to Dallas to assist in JFK assassination investigation, was (per CIA
    release) part of a covert operation called Project SEAL; another
    SEAL member was Sergio Arcacha Smith, former New Orleans anti-
    Castro activist (with links to Banister)whom Texas refused to 
    extradite for Garrison.