The Horne Files

provided by Jean Davison

Info on Horne Files, LaFontaine Allegations
01 Summary of LaFontaine Allegations
02 Answering Allegation of No Original ID Card
03 Allegation FBI Chemicals Ruined Card Images
04 Did Oswald Alter Card & Was Card Authorized?
05 Comments on History and Use of DD1173 Cards
06 Was Oswald Only Marine in Unit to Get DD1173?
07 List of Those Receiving DD1173 and Year Issued
08 DD1173 Cards Issued for Many Reasons
09 Issuing DD1173 To Reservists Maybe Within Regs. 
10 Oswald's Passport Application
11 Oswald Getting Passport after Hardship App.
12 When Did Oswald Pick Up His Passport?
13 The Date Oswald Left Active Duty
14 Lt. Alexander Ayers Security Clearance
15 Date Stamp on Oswald's DD1173 Card
16 More on Date Stamp and End of Summary
17 Conclusions and Recommendations
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